Learn to Draw and then Get Rich Making Art, I Guess

I don’t just write stupid articles and stories. I also draw stupid comics. But using the simple skills I will teach you here, you’ll make great art and get super rich. Maybe even super duper rich. Holy cow, that’s really rich, kids!

We sure learned a lot today. Phew! I’m all sweaty. Remember: it’s important to maintain a healthy work / life balance. After having struggled through these lessons, why not reward yourself with many beers and binge-watch some Netflix show? You’ve earned it.

Thanks for reading this article and being my friend. We are friends now. That’s just how these things work. Don’t question it.

I am a terrible person. I am on twitter as @lordjuiblex because he is the god of slime, sickness, and stupidity. Why don't you follow me? I am terrible.

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